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Scribe And Scribbles

As a screenwriter, Yuri has written six feature film screenplays as well as penning several short films. He is also the show runner, writer and co-creator of award-winning comedic web-series SHELF LIFE, for four award-winning seasons.

The two feature screenplays he has written that have been produced are award-winning psychological thriller TUMBLING AFTER, and laurel-ed mockumentary CON ARTISTS. His short film FAITHFUL, that he wrote, starred in and produced fifteen years ago while living in New York, recently was re-worked and produced by a production company starring him in the opposite role from the original.

He is currently working on two feature scripts, a web-series, as well as a mini-series which is in development.

He has a love of genre films, and his stories usually find themselves in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy realms.


As an author, Yuri co-wrote award-winning VOICE-OVER VOICE ACTOR: WHAT IT'S LIKE BEHIND THE MIC, a comprehensive guide to working in the world of voice over, using his professional career as a voice-actor to guide him.

His film noir novella TOUGH CITY, which he co-wrote with Keith Ikeda-Barry, as part of a 72 hour novel writing contest, is available now thru Bug Bot Press on Lulu.